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 Whitney Cunningham:
Mine arrived today!!!

Stephanie Fletcher: 
Thank you again! Just ordered my shoes and can't wait to get em!!!! Y'all are the best!!!!!!!!

Y'all have a customer for life!!
(I'm a crazy cat lady and only wear cat shoes!)

Y'all are so welcome!
I'm very grateful y'all found the shoes I was  looking for! I'm so stoked!

I posted how awesome y'all were in my cat clubs ... that y'all found the shoes I wanted...
hopefully that gets y'all more business... btw I'm pretty popular in my cat clubs because of my Biscuit

Sandy Bennett:

"Here is a pic of my AMAZING new cat sneakers! Great product I want more!"

Petra Van Der Vliet:

"Got mine!! ❤❤❤ All the way in The Netherlands! Thanx! They are awesome!"

Pascale Fontaine:

"My cat is saying: yeah, yeah, nice shoes.... Crazy cat lady..."

Pamela Hennessey:

"My shoes were here when I got home from work today. Yay! Love them. They are super comfy....purrfect fit. Thank you."

Marielle van Dongen:

"Hi, this is my 18 year old cat Plummetje posing with my new boots."

Marian Marriott Fearick:

"Got mine yesterday also Luv them  😺"

LeAnne Wunsch:

"Got mine yesterday. They're so cute!"

Kerry Ann Mackie:

"Wearing mine now"

 Katie McGrath Foster:

"Just got mine an hour ago. Put them on immediately. So cute! Here's a pic. Love them. :)"

Kathleen A. Niemer:

"I just got mine and love them!"

Julia Smith:

"My new kicks 🐱 Love these shoes, definitely a conversation piece <3"


Julia Anne Hill:

"I wore them to work today and got some very positive comments."

Josephine Goss:

"Very pleased with my pair. I reside in Melbourne Australia and received mine in three weeks post order."


Christie Meiklejohn:

"Already ahead of you 😜😎🐶🐶🐶"

Catherine O'Neill:

"I've got these boots, they're amazing, really well made"

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